A Valentines Day Poem

Photo by Delphine Ducaruge on Unsplash

This is about the Fire and the Wood

Once married, separate them nothing could

The Wind did play

Attempting to scare the Fire away

And the Wood did crackle

Telling Fire never to buckle

Not everything will keep them together

Like the water from the rains when it does gather

But it would be death for both the married

The Fire killed, The Wood permanently scarred

Then the ruthless Cold would descend

The Wood is ashes and shows resent

When they existed as Fire and Wood

One lived for other like no one could

Once married the strength could be seen

The warmth, the glow and the joy so keen

Fire and Wood no one could put apart

Only Death it was that did them part



Yadvendra Jadon

Yadvendra Jadon

Everything starts with a thought. A good or bad outcome is the result of the action applied to that thought. Here is where I share some of my thoughts.